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    1. Kmic14

      Problem with Henry lever

      Thanks everyone who replied for all the feedback, I learned a lot in this thread. So far I've taken it to the range twice and had great fun and success, it's quickly becoming my favorite rifle(after my marlin 336 of course).
    2. Kmic14

      Problem with Henry lever

      I recently picked up a new h001t and after giving it a cleaning I attempted to run some snap caps through it. I put six caps into the magazine tube and upon replacing the inner magazine tube it gave me some resistance. I got the IMT to seat but now it appears three of my snap caps are stuck...
    3. Kmic14

      Buckmark vs Mark IV

      I have a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 with the bull barrel and it's loads of fun to shoot. Super accurate, and a breeze to disassemble which is good because it needs to be cleaned pretty frequently.
    4. Kmic14

      Jarretsville VFW post 8672 Gun Show Nov 5-7

      I've heard a lot about the annual Jarretsville VFW gun show so I'm looking forward to checking it out on Saturday. Can anyone offer any insight on what to expect there? Will it be more gun shops or private collections?
    5. Kmic14

      Walmart ammo?

      Exactly this.
    6. Kmic14

      Walmart ammo?

      I found it at Perry Hall and Bel Air. You just gotta be good about checking regularly cuz they don't really have a set day or know when it's coming.
    7. Kmic14

      Walmart ammo?

      I've found ammo at several Wal mart locations over the past few months. I found the 22lr 325 CT Federal Range pack for $17.78
    8. Kmic14

      Incredible perfect carbine 45 acp

      I know I have a low post per day count but DAYUM
    9. Kmic14

      New Gun store in Urbana?

      I doubt they discriminate, there's plenty of folks in all walks of life with more dollars than sense.
    10. Kmic14

      Ammo price coming down

      That's what I'm hoping for. Daddy needs that new used 1911.
    11. Kmic14

      Dealer Info. - AGC Ammo

      Welcome aboard
    12. Kmic14

      New Gun store in Urbana?

      Whoa this is full on GTA cutscene. Despite my initial reaction I'm impressed with the video and how effective it conveys the vibe. It also gives me the impression that they wanna attract that flashy instagram crowd. If I'm in the area I'd check it out.
    13. Kmic14

      McAwful Flip-Flops on Latinos/Immigrants

      LOL me too imagine my disappointment
    14. Kmic14

      New Gun store in Urbana?

      Yessss I am a sucker for a shop dog
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