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    1. kac

      Personal Protection Outside the Home

      All the comments on the instruction in general, and on the legal portion in specific, are greatly appreciated. Any constructive criticism is welcome as well, and feel free to PM with any detailed suggestions. I'm always trying to improve.
    2. kac

      All good things...

      Sometimes, you meet a person you immediately feel as comfortable with as if you've known him your whole life. You can compare that feeling to that of a good friend, a brother. You're a great shooter, a great person, a great friend. Distance between us does not diminish my regard and respect.
    3. kac

      Personal Emergency Preparedness Program

      `Hey, I didn't "steal" them, I simply "repurposed" them!
    4. kac

      Physical condition requirement for your courses?

      I'm a fat guy who has taken about 10 of Tom's courses including the ones you mentioned. I think you would probably be challenged but do fine in the Level One courses. You will then be able to gauge your ability for the Level Two courses from your experience there. Keep working hard, and get...
    5. kac

      Personal Emergency Preparedness Program

      I absolutely will see if I can get out for this. Oh, very important question--are there age limits for this course?
    6. kac

      Lewistown, PA 3-gun 2012 schedule.

      The stages were really fun. Loved the land mines and the roll over prone shots!
    7. kac

      Lewistown, PA 3-gun 2012 schedule.

      Great seeing everybody there. Well run match as always, Bob. Good shooting Ben, very nice as usual.
    8. kac

      Lewistown, PA 3-gun 2012 schedule.

      Look forward to seeing everybody up there.
    9. kac

      Open Range Day @ CCJA On our new Range!

      Holy crap! Yeah we would buy time on your range. That would be fantastic.
    10. kac

      Contagion 2011

      See you guys up here.
    11. kac

      Contagion 2011

      You have the Cure playing? That's awesome! I'll put on my make-up and act all emo.
    12. kac

      Contagion 2011

      I guess I have to say it since glock_45 ain't here: If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'!
    13. kac

      Contagion 2011

      No one can predict the weather when the Zombie Apocalypse will start. Best to be prepared.
    14. kac

      Lewistown PA 3 gun 10/23

      BTW, none of you "friends" told me about the brownies. Not that I need any! Did everybody see Bob is promising lots of challenging stages with lots of movers? I'm really looking forward to it. What do you think Ben, Heavy Metal this time?
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