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      MASSIVE WIN! Pelosi PULLS the Assault Weapons Ban! Due to a LACK of DEM votes…

      The number of judges added at the district and appeals courts by Trump is also under-appreciated. The SC is the icing on the cake. The effects of all of those judges will be felt long into the future - Thank God.
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      What prep items did you get recently?

      Just watched a YouTube on that. That is a new one on me. The YouTube I watched used candle wax instead of petroleum jelly. Interesting.
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      Sig Sauer 365X

      Last year I was thinking about buying a sig sauer 365XL, but every now and then when I would check various places it was usually sold out. I see now that in 2021 they release the 365X. I’ve read a few reviews that seem generally positive. Has anyone here bought one? What did you think about it?
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      Whats the process of selling your handguns

      Reviving this old thread as I may be lookin to sell some guns soon. If you do a private transfer how do you actually receive payment. If by check, how do you know it won’t bounce?
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      Buckmark vs Mark IV

      Anyone use the SR22? How does it compare?
    6. H

      NRA Voting

      Thanks. You guys are always one step ahead of me.
    7. H

      NRA Voting

      Just received in the mail the NRA Voting Ballot. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to send a message of unhappiness with the current NRA leadership through this vote? Are there any candidates that are in favor of reform at the top - such as getting rid of Wayne?
    8. H

      Montana is now a 2A Sanctuary!

      Isn’t Oklahoma moving towards Second Amendment Sanctuary status as well? Did the governor sign the bill yet?
    9. H

      9th Circuit just ruled that there is “no right” to carry a firearm

      Interesting, according to this news article, the 9th previously ruled against concealed carry and now, today, they have ruled against open carry. If you can neither carry openly nor concealed how exactly does that meet the second amendment text of allowing one to "bear arms"...
    10. H

      2021 feinstein awb

      Once all the illegal immigrants are made citizens 1 party rule will be assured.
    11. H

      Ammo Company Tells Biden Supporters to Pound Sand

      I loved the Q & A the company had about the policy. Hilarious,
    12. H

      Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite.

      I will be following this thread was thinking of getting one myself, but most places I have checked recently seem to be sold out.
    13. H

      Maryland/Sig/12 Round Magazine

      Thanks. Most appreciative. Wow - they are quite proud of those 10 round mags. $50. LOL.
    14. H

      Maryland/Sig/12 Round Magazine

      I am a Maryland resident (with an HQL) and am thinking about buying a Sig Sauer 365XL from a gun store in Virginia. They are selling it with a 12 round magazine. Am I legally permitted to buy this (12 round magazine) from a gun store in Virginia and transport it to Maryland? If not, is there a...
    15. H

      NRA files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

      a quote in the article said "their financial position was never better". So now is the time to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy? I don't get it.
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