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    1. h2u

      Application progress banter thread

      **Pure Speculation** If we keep seeing several different acceptance days getting approved, maybe MSP has started assigning all applications accepted on a certain day to a single individual. One reviewer gets all the 8/6s, another gets all 8/7s, and so on down the line. Individual days will take...
    2. h2u

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 9/1 Accepted 9/6
    3. h2u

      Application progress banter thread

      Someone is working today. My app was kicked back for shortages today at 1pm. Quick fix and resubmitted. While on the portal, I decided to try the “print app” thing and noticed I had a date next to the NICS, but no number. Not sure if that means anything.
    4. h2u

      Finn m28/30

      VERY cool, 28/30!! Yet another of your Finns I’d love to have :D
    5. h2u

      Finnish M27 with Continuation War History

      LOL! That’s a very kind offer, but AGC is on the other side of the world for me. If I’m shooting rifles, I’m driving an additional 25min to Delmarva :D Plus, I’m one of those weirdo collector-only guys. I have plenty of regular firearms to shoot, I don’t shoot my milsurps. I wanted to buy a...
    6. h2u

      Finnish M27 with Continuation War History

      Awesome info on the M27, Red! Martti is definitely a huge benefit to the Finn collecting community. I’ve been using him for almost eight years now to slowly build provenance to my collection. It’s always pot-luck on the info he can dig up on a specific rifle. Sometimes it’s just an issue date...
    7. h2u

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      Brother, He’s smiling at us while sipping on his bottomless umbrella drink. He knows ;)
    8. h2u

      Royal Tiger Vetterli M1870/87/15

      Very cool!!! Congrats, sir.
    9. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      My pleasure! Now you need to find an example from Warsztat Rusznikarski Nr 1, aka Gunsmithing Workshop No. 1, aka W.R.N.1. Only a very small percentage came from there. Most were built in Lviv/Lwów as designated by ARMA LWOW, like stamped on your rifle.
    10. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      Nice pics! Better than your bolt takes :D The first pic is very clear. ZBR.2 5.34 The last work or issue (not sure) was done in May 1934. Zbr.2 - Zbrojownia nr 2 w Warszawie = Armoury no 2 in Warsaw where later changes might be done or some parts provided during initial conversion. The...
    11. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      Thanks for the bolt pics! As for the butt stock, I was referring to the serialed portion of the wood. Sorry for the confusion. It would look like this (not my pics) -
    12. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      Take a macro picture of the rusted bolt anyway. Maybe we can see something that matches it to the rifle. Just take a pic of the stamp on the butt as well. Even if it doesn’t appear legible. Someone may see something others don’t. We just like to see lots of pics!! :D
    13. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      Here’s a non-professional English translation from a Polish archive. My collector buddy did this and put HIS educated guesses in parentheses when the translation got a little sketchy.
    14. h2u

      Wz 91/98/25

      Cool rifle!! Minus the bolt, how many other numbers match? Can you take a picture of the manufacturing date stamped on the butt, please?
    15. h2u

      Happy 17th Birthday Maryland Shooters

      :mdpatriotHBD, MDS :mdpatriot :mdpatriotThank you, DD214 :mdpatriot :patriot:RIP, Don :patriot:
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