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      7.62x25mm M57 loading information

      I'd like to thank both of you for the interesting read. I'm looking to start loading this caliber sometime this winter. Surprised that you can push cast bullets that fast without leading issues. More surprised you were able to resize the jacketed bullets down to .309. Thanks
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      Need Bullet Recipe - 45 Colt

      Please be aware... Large pistol and large rifle are not the same physical size. This is why precision primer reamers will give you 2 different reamers. 1 for large pistol and 1 for large rifle. Small rifle and small pistol are the same physical size. I know this doesn't match your...
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      .260 Remington (bolt-action), tips/advice?

      Welcome back. Please educate me on the "better" bolt head. What makes it better? And where did you pick it up at? Also, why 260 Rem and not 260 Ackley? Thanks
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