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      what gun would you recommend for concealed carry?

      I like the LCP but would only carry .380 ACP for defense with top grade self defense ammo, e.g. Cor-Bons, HSTs, or Hydra Shoks.
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      How to properly beat a horse. Please allot 16 hours. This is mandatory.

      So in this thread we have: DD214 holders - mostly thankful for getting a pass "Grouches" - I had to do training so you should too Instructors - vested interest in requiring as many people as possible get trained/ re-trained Statists - "please may I have another" Constitutionalists - nobody...
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      UPS Cancelling Accounts of Firearms Sellers

      Not a rumor, but exaggerated in some respects. The firearms shipping policy on their website now states that they will not ship "partially completed" (aka 80%) frames or receivers that are not serialized irregardless of whether or not it is legal in the state it is being shipped to. That...
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      UPS Cancelling Accounts of Firearms Sellers

      I wouldn't be surprised if UPS decided to re-think this policy after Texas state government decides to stop doing business with them. . .
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      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Funny to see the Governor of NY arguing for States Rights. . .
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      Snakehead Survey

      I thought it was illegal to release them once caught. Guess the rules don't apply to DNR. . .
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      Another DE Straw Purchase Bust - 77 Counts Against 9 People - Dover, DE

      Sounds like the headline was intended to exaggerate the importance of this bust. 77 charges sounds more impressive than saying 9 people were charged for straw purchases of 12 firearms.
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      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      Rrecently acquired a custom Lee "Length Gauge" (used with the Lee "Precision Cutter and Lock Stud" for trimming cases) for 9x39mm and used it in converting Starline "Grendel Basic" cases to 9x39mm cases. They came up about .055 over max case length when formed, hence the need for trimming from...
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      Precision 223

      Instead of spending time measuring and sorting brass by length, I find it more convenient to sort by headstamp and just trim everything to the same length before the first use (or first re-use for "range brass" that didn't come from my gun). I use a Lee quick trim die and deluxe power quick...
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      Source of dried beans

      I always "de-gas" beans by putting them in water, bringing to a boil, boil for 2 minutes, take off burner and let cool for a few hours, then drain and rinse. Then add water and cook. Besides greatly decreasing the flatulence causing enzymes, it also decreases cooking time. In a grid down...
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      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      Cleaned, sized/deprimed, trimmed, recleaned, and swaged 120 5.56x45 cases, then pulled out 50 Lake City 21. Primed with CCI 41 primers and loaded with 21.5 - 23.3 gr of Accurate 2460 (5 each in 0.2 gr increments) behind 75 gr bthp Hornady Match bullets seated to 2.260", for load workup testing...
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      Garden Thread 2022

      To combat the squash bugs and vine borers, I grow Tromboncino squash, also known as Zucchino Rampicante. It's in the Moschata subfamily of squash so it is very tolerant of insect pests. It has rampant growth. Easy to grow. When harvested young/small (about 8") it makes a good light green...
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      Interesting tidbit on the FÉG HD-18

      Well, Rocinante answered that - the FEG isnt parts compatible either.
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      Interesting tidbit on the FÉG HD-18

      Besides this rifle and the PSL 54, the Zastava M91 is also "not banned." Apparently they are "look alikes" that are not parts compatible with the "Dragunov Chinese Made Semi Auto" called out by name in the Maryland ban list. At least the later two arent; not sure about the FEG. . .
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