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    1. Engine4

      Concealed carry holster

    2. Engine4

      Concealed carry holster

      Looking for holster recommendations for my Sig P365 with the CT LG-422 trigger guard laser.
    3. Engine4

      Question by 'Engine4' on classified ad '19' Flag Pole'

      Where are you located?
    4. Engine4

      It's gonna get worse before it gets better

      So, here we are. Mid terms are approaching, SCOTUS is presumably preparing to rule on several groundbreaking issues, the rats & rinos are pushing even more gun control, regular gas is approaching $5 a gallon, the installed occupant of the white house pushes lie after lie. Somehow, I'm not...
    5. Engine4

      MS-13 Violent Gang Leader of Central MD Convicted

      Back when I was working (early 2000's), we had a victim who'd been necktied. This was in Arbutus. Kinda obvious it was gang related.
    6. Engine4

      Carrying concealed and open carrying an AR pistol in MD .... tested

      Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. I'm with the OP. The incident was a teaching situation for the PD. Hopefully this will be one of many incidents that will sway the pendulum towards the Constitution & our God given rights.
    7. Engine4

      .50 BMG anything Maryland "compliant"?

      Armalite AR50 is legal
    8. Engine4

      Where to find Groundhogs?

      Don't forget to look up..... This is a momma that lives under my shed. She decided the leaves are more tasty than the grass in the yard.
    9. Engine4

      Self serve tire air fill locations in or near Carroll Co.

      Lowe's has an air pump near the lumber entrance.
    10. Engine4

      Virus software

      Just wanted to add that I uninstalled AVG yesterday & enabled all of the defender options. Today the computer is running faster then it's run in a long time. I had no idea AVG was such a slowdown. Was almost ready to replace the computer, now it's like new. Thanks guys!
    11. Engine4

      Looking for sources of black powder and cannon fuse

      This is where I get stuff...
    12. Engine4

      Put new grip on 365 today

      And the grip doesn't interfere at all? Nice!
    13. Engine4

      Put new grip on 365 today

      Do you have the CT laser that attaches under the trigger?
    14. Engine4

      Way past 3k post karma

      In, thanks!
    15. Engine4

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      That's been the scuttlebutt as long as I can remember.
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