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      current ATF wait time

      13 months on paper form 4. Finally got mine
    2. E

      Aero precision EPC9

      Would like to know if these are legal here in MD in the pistol configuration. Thanks in advance.
    3. E

      7.62x39 ar…legal in MD?

      Is this legal in MD...
    4. E

      Silencer Central barrel threading?

      They are the cheapest and quickest turnaround available. Morgan is A++++. Done several do me and fixin to send him 2 more.
    5. E

      9mm hammer fired compact 10+1 ?

    6. E

      Growing indoors

      Spider farmer lights are what u seek
    7. Toy Australian Shepherd puppies

      For sale Toy Australian Shepherd puppies

      Adorable ACA registered Toy Australian Shepherd puppies. 4 weeks old today. Natural tails. Will be available after 15 May to go to forever homes. Will be dewormed first shots and health certificate from veterinarian. Please call or text 4435536523 for more information. We are in Cecil County.
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      LF Good mechanic near Elkton

      Hamilton’s in NE. A+. John does a great job.
    9. E

      Mag loader

    10. E

      MSP now saying all lowers require 77r??

      As of Monday 8 Jan AR10 still cas and carry withe my FFL.
    11. E

      VEIP in North East

      Need to get emissions inspection by 3/31. Anyone know If the N E and inspection station is open or still only doing covid testing? If not, what’s the easiest way to git-er-done?
    12. E

      Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas to all from Ceciltucky.
    13. E

      Rock Island VR80

      Thanks so much
    14. E

      Rock Island VR80

      Are these legal in MD? Thanks in advance Earlybirdnj
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      Happy thanksgiving

      Happy thanksgiving to all from beautiful Ceciltucky. Stay safe and enjoy family and friends.
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