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    1. davsco

      Anyone missing a Dawg after July 2?

      good on you for taking him in!
    2. davsco

      F 18’s

      and impressive sound also, hopefully!
    3. davsco

      NJ Blinks, When Will MD?

      color me majorly shocked that nj apparently went shall issue, much less without a drawn-out fight. would be great if the other restrictive/gestapo states (immediately) followed suit.
    4. davsco


      well, they knew it was unconstitutional when they enacted the law/process, and now they really know it is unconstitutional, so what is going to change and when? and what are the repercussions (fines, lawsuits, jail time) for those that knowingly enacted unconstitutional laws that have now...
    5. davsco

      Rhode Island Passes Mandatory Standard Capacity Magazine Turn In

      there's not going to be mass gun confiscation or mag confiscation. we're going to be picked off one by one at traffic stops, calls to our house, range trips, hd/sd investigations, etc. while they're stupid, they're not stupid enough to go door to door and give us the opportunity for a mass...
    6. davsco

      Rhode Island Passes Mandatory Standard Capacity Magazine Turn In

      doubtful they'll be kicking down doors. but guess what, they catch you at the range, or during a traffic stop, or get called to your home for a disturbance or even swatting, or a successful home defense, and it won't be pleasant.
    7. davsco

      Nations Gun Show @ Dulles Expo June 17-19th 2022

      yep it's a shame. gun shows used to be cheaper but no more.
    8. davsco

      Of interest - Ukrainian Gun Law comparison

      well we all saw the ukies handing out weapons en masse to its civilians to help fight the ruskies. while i agree the usa is way, way less likely to have another country try to take it over (thank heavens for our geographical separation), it's not zero risk and an excellent, timely and apt...
    9. davsco

      Charter boat recommendations

      cobia, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm been years, but use to live bait for them and king mack off the various obx and hatteras piers
    10. davsco

      AAR: Green Ops Advanced Competition Pistol Class, Hedgesville, WV 6/12/2022

      i was shooting the actual match sunday. esp when that sun popped it was pretty nasty out there! fyi they're having their 'points series' match there this weekend, basically an outlaw/fun uspsa match. i'm shooting it saturday morning...
    11. davsco

      WV Property-Search thread:

      i used to play golf with a long time canaan local and every time he'd see a plane taking off or landing he'd say there goes another drug shipment. never seen nor heard anything regarding drugs in canaan so not sure where that was coming from.
    12. davsco

      Another DE Straw Purchase Bust - 77 Counts Against 9 People - Dover, DE

      yes would be interesting to see how many actually do jail time and for how long. all this hoopla over "gun" violence yet it seems when they actually catch a criminal, it's catch and release. would also be interesting to see of those caught, how many had already been caught before for gun or...
    13. davsco

      Actor Matthew Mcconaughey calling for gun control

      the other thing i'll add is that more than a couple of states have their own 2a, so this wasn't just a lapse or instance of crazy at the federal level.
    14. davsco

      Actor Matthew Mcconaughey calling for gun control

      the problem is they always want our side to be the giving side. especially as we just saw ukraine handing out 'weapons of war' to its citizens, as unlikely as that scenario would be in the USA, we have a 2a and that's why we have it and removing or downsizing my AR will not make me safer.
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