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    1. CombatAK

      Wanted Want to buy

      I am looking for a Stevens Favorite .22 barrel. I would also like to find extractor parts, butt plate, and original sights. If anyone has anything they want to part with, please let me know. THanks!!
    2. CombatAK

      BPCR Shooting

      There are a few of the Hooligans that shoot BPCR. 4570inMD and BigRick have been shooting up in Shippensburg, PA. I hope to join them next month. We are mostly shooting 1847 Sharps in various flavors. Shiloh and C. Sharps. J8064 has a really nice Perdersoli in 45-70. The cartridges we shoot...
    3. CombatAK

      Hello from Allegany County

      Allegany County here also! Welcome!!!
    4. CombatAK

      Poly80 porn..

      I am absolutely loving this!!! New sights coming soon!
    5. CombatAK

      Pedersoli Sharps Reproduction in 45-70

      4570inMD should be along shortly..........
    6. CombatAK

      Tried some stippling

      Happy happy This one was just finished and I think it is absolutely fantastic. All I can say is thanks Outrider58!!!! :party29:
    7. CombatAK

      .375 H&H, tell me about yours

      H & H cartridges always intrigued me. I really don't have the need for a .375 but I can see myself owning a .300 H&H. You know, for chipmunks and such.
    8. CombatAK

      New BPCR from CPA Rifles

      I am using a .408" 400 Grain "Money" 1-Cavity Bullet Mould with the First 2 Bands Reduced in Diameter #JIM408400M4 from Buffalo Arms. I am getting very good accuracy with 61 grains of Swiss 2F. I only use CCI BR-2 primers. Once I place my .030 Walters Wad, I compress the load and hand seat my...
    9. CombatAK

      Call to Flintlock

      I recommend checking out the Ytube vids from Herschel House. His rifles are spectacular.
    10. CombatAK

      New BPCR from CPA Rifles

      Absolutely gorgeous rifle and a great cartridge as well. I have been loading and casting for my Shiloh Sharps 40-65 for over a year and I found my "optimum load". 4570inMD is my "go to guy" for all things BPCR. I like the 40-65 so well that I am building a 1867 Rolling Block in the same...
    11. CombatAK

      Conversion cylinders

      I put a Taylors/Howell on my Ruger Old Army and it is great. I just always thought that putting a conversion cylinder that costs more than the gun was crazy but............I wouldn't mind having one for my 1858 Army.
    12. CombatAK

      2020 Black bear lottery is open

      2020 Black bear lottery is open. Good luck all of you MDSers!!!
    13. CombatAK

      Garrett County 2A

      I really wish Sideling Mountain was our state line. Oops, did I say that out loud?
    14. CombatAK

      Lockdown C&R acquisitions

      You are absolutely correct. I wanted a shooter and I hope that is what I got.
    15. CombatAK

      Lockdown C&R acquisitions

      During the lockdown I received my C&R license so I decided to spend my time constructively. I picked up these two nice examples: The first is a 1967 Ruger Bearcat and the second is a 1966 Colt National Match. All in all, I am pretty happy.
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