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      Any recommendations for a roofing and gutter repair contractor/handyman that will do work near Rockville?

      I had Columbia Roofing do a good amount of work on my house, and I'm happy with it all. They did the roof, skylights, facia repairs, soffits, gutters, flashing and windows.
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      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      10 hours of training consisting of ten one hour classes. Only offered for free by MSP every fifth Thursday of the month. Must complete all within a 3 month period. That's my guess at least.
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      where to get a mortgage?

      I have used Arundel Federal three times. They have pretty strict requirements, but the interest rates were the lowest I could find. It seems like a lot here have had a particularly good experience with a certain member.
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      Crofton / Gambrills McDonalds Murder

      If it weren't for the gun, then these guys would have been sleeping at 4:30 AM I'm not surprised that a murder happened here. That section of 3 has been getting more and more crime in the last several years.
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      SB387 "Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms" - The Ban on Private Firearm Making

      Will the first LEO "casual walkthrough" be at MSAR or Gilbert?
    6. C

      The .45 long slide, with laser sighting

      The 40 and 17L are two of my "one day" guns. The long-slides look awesome.
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      So, do we have a...

      On posts that don't have a like button, I just use the bell. Close enough.
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      My Firearms Are Being Held For Absolutely No Reason. Is there anything I can do?

      If you want to share, I'd be interested it what it cost you and what condition the firearms are in.
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      Stanley Tstak , Dewalt Tstak or Craftsman Versastack toolboxes

      The Stanley system seems to be over in Europe, haven't seen it here. The Dewalt and Craftsman are still in stores, but seems like Craftsman is moving to their TradeStack, which is a little higher end, but not ToughSystem nice. I'm looking for someone who decided to upgrade to those and...
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      Stanley Tstak , Dewalt Tstak or Craftsman Versastack toolboxes

      I'm looking for some more toolboxes, bought into these a few years ago. Seems like they are a dying format, so maybe people have moved on to better storage solutions and want to get rid of these. I am around Annapolis and Bowie frequently.
    11. C


      Your setup is limited by your wallet. As far as storage, bring a laptop with an external HDD with you. Move videos from your SD cards to the external overnight. Look at some of the camera setup from the Gymkhana shoots. They have magnetic mounts for the outside of the car that give cool...
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      Playstation 5 Walk In at Gamestop 01/14/2022

      Can you pick up a 3080 Ti or some PVW for me at MSRP? Looks like Series X production caught up, since they are on C/L for barely more than MSRP+tax.
    13. C

      Virus software

      Thats what I tell people also. Also an antivirus is less important than knowledge and awareness. No you didn't win a $500 Walmart gift card, and Microsoft is not calling you to help you fix your computer.
    14. C

      Wood slab

      Wood glue may be what you need. That may be able to reattach the bark to the wood. If it is really falling off you may need some resin.
    15. C

      Installer for solar panels on a roof

      May be a longshot, but what about a roofer? It seems like you can do the electrical yourself, but the mounting is really all that needs to be outsourced.
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