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      Will the New York ruling ever take place in MD?

      1000Lm flashlight on the end of my Glock
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      Received letter today from BATFE regarding purchase from Diversified Machine

      Just checking in to see if your dogs are ok
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      Happy Sweet 16 MDShooters.

      I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for all you do here
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      Handgun transfers at MDSP

      Thought the braintrust here would know without me having to interact with a trooper. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for the help
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      Handgun transfers at MDSP

      Is the firearms registration unit in Pikesville or any other barracks still doing secondary transfers of firearms? The website says Pikesville is closed for walk in service but can we make appointments?
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      Good riddance. Negotiating Rights Away since 1934. I give my money to Firearms Policy Coalition and Gun Owners if America... organizations that won’t compromise on my rights.
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      How CZ Lost My Respect

      I’ve lurked here plenty and been here long before you, so i know you don’t mind giving unsolicited opinions. Figured you’d like a dose of your own medication. CZ is a stalwart supporter of 2A and will never lose my respect for that reason. You on the other hand lose respect for suggesting...
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      CZ porn, anyone?

      P-10c SR in an AnR woodland peniflage holster. Stipple work done by CWGunwerks in Miami FL. Cigar is a Partagás Series E no.2
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      How CZ Lost My Respect

      This is quite possibly the dumbest reason to lose respect for a gun maker. I’ll do you a favor and buy your CZs at a huge discount since you don’t like them anymore lol
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      NFA Picture Thread

      No I have a mk18 that is 30” or maybe 30.5”? Depends on your stock and stock tube. I wouldn’t go under a 10.3” barrel for ballistics reasons with the 5.56 round anyway. If you’re making a .300blk and want it shorter then you should probably go with a pistol build
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      current ATF wait time

      Yes. My last one was 18 days. Couple of my friends have been even faster. 8 days, 12, 17... the longer it takes you to send in your prints the longer the delay. Have a set of prints ready to go so when you pay and get your control number you can print out the receipt and mail it all in ASAP.
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      current ATF wait time

      If you e-file your Form-1 you’ll get approved in under a month. I’ve had friends get theirs back as early as 8 or 12 days. My last one was 17 days.
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      current ATF wait time

      Form 4 stamped in 295 days. Check cashed July 7, stamped April 28th. Side note: atf posted to the federal register their intention to modify collection of form 4 data in electronic format.... aka E-Form 4 will be a thing soon hopefully. Comments period ends 6-24-19...
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      current ATF wait time

      My scorpion has been SBR’d for a while now. This most recent one was for an AR-15, though. PM me if you had a question about the scorpion
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      NFA Picture Thread

      FBI regional swat-ish type build Colt receivers and Colt HRT profiled 11.5” barrel Geissele mk4 10” rail in green Factory Colt green stock tube Surefire warcomp / suppressor mount Surefire M600U scout light with dual pressure/clicky switch and tailcap B5 bravo stock Geissele SSA trigger...
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