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    1. budman93

      Rockville Police host gun buy back

      Yeah if you can make a deal with someone you can get a transfer done to buy it.
    2. budman93

      Rockville Police host gun buy back

      Too bad Maryland ruined that for us with no more private sales.
    3. budman93

      Is there a suit to fight Maryland's onerous 16 hour training requirement for W and C?

      Someone clearly does not know what a right is.
    4. budman93

      Is there a suit to fight Maryland's onerous 16 hour training requirement for W and C?

      Here's the thing... No one cares what 'scares' you. A right is a right and it is unconstitutional to require special training or skill to exercise a right. Don't like it? Tough. 50% of the country is permitless carry so your fears are unfounded.
    5. budman93

      Buying a Handgun vs CC Permit

      it makes it easier to get the hql but if you are talking about the MD 77R purchase paperwork and wait time, then no, it does nothing for you.
    6. budman93

      4-Day Deep Creek vacay: Where to eat?

      There is a nice little Italian place called Brenda's right on the lake. Great views. I got the Sriracha pasta when I was up there this week. It was very good.
    7. budman93

      Shooting on private property ?

      If they have a safe backstop and the rounds are not leaving their property I don't see the problem.
    8. budman93

      Archery Ranges near Frederick?

      Tuscarora archers is off etzler Rd in Frederick
    9. budman93

      This is a new email for W&C assigned to investigator

      so did you have an in person interview with an investigator? Is that a standard thing? Or did they say that but not actually do it?
    10. budman93

      Well that's a story with an agenda

      That guy sounds like a real jerk.
    11. budman93

      Experiences of False Information During CCW Training

      If someone had a class where they were teaching things that are false they should name it so that others can avoid it as well. Its not helping anyone to keep them anonymous.
    12. budman93

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      Lol, much too dangerous right? Canada would agree.
    13. budman93

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      Does anyone know if permanent resident non-citizens can get a MD Wear and Carry? My dad is a Canadian citizen but a permanent resident with a greencard. Buying guns isn't a problem but I dont know what this state would say for carry. Maybe nothing.
    14. budman93

      The raccoon's last theft

      Well we need more details of that story for sure.
    15. budman93

      I'm first, thoughts on "training"

      Thanks, that is what i was looking to hear. I didn't want to take a random class without getting some reviews first. Definitely considering them now.
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