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      Primer Notifications

      I was in Shydas on tuesday. They have all types of primers covered. $10/100 pretty much for all non match pistol/rifle primers. Tons of 209s in cheddite & some other euro brand. they were $300-350/5K. Hodgeton powder was $30# and other brands were $35-40# what they had in stock. may be worth a...
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      The Barter Thread

      I have some LRP Bricks to trade. I believe WLR but I'll have to check. Message me......
    3. B

      DIY Hydro Seating Press - Another Reloading Rabbit Hole

      The Lapua brass is hard to beat....... the RDF is definitely leaving some consistency on the table. If you brass is all same age and solid prep, I would look at measuring projectiles for consistency with the numbers you've given for your neck measurements. Definitely cool to watch your process...
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      DIY Hydro Seating Press - Another Reloading Rabbit Hole

      What are you using for Brass/Projectiles? I've personally found more actual consistency in brass & Brass prep(assuming quality brass/projectile choices)
    5. Beretta 680 series 28 ga 30" Barrel/forend

      For sale Beretta 680 series 28 ga 30" Barrel/forend

      30" 28 Ga barrels/forend for 20 ga frame.Will fit any Beretta 680 series 20 ga frame. Installed and shot 2 rounds of clays then sold the gun. Barrels were installed and checked(no fitting needed on my frame. Barrels are not ground/fitted. 5 factory flush chokes. I have 6 Briley extended chokes I...
    6. B

      22LR Competitions I'm the MD for this match. for any questions. COF will include 15-210 yrd targets from improvised positions. rules will apply. Membership not needed to attend.
    7. B

      22LR Competitions

      MARS match at Baltimore County Game & Fish in Carney MD
    8. B

      Powder Available Thread

      They did have shot. $45ish a bag. I didn’t look at sizes available
    9. B

      Powder Available Thread

      I hit Shydas yesterday after winter clays league @ Steelstown GC. There was some decent stock of Hodgdon/IMR powders. I had a friend with me so I was able to score 3# of 8208. there was CFE 223/pistol,lil gun,RL10,IMR 4064,H110, H335 and a bunch of other misc 1#ers. no primers except LPM They...
    10. B

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      I run the squirrel daddy pins in my 1050 processing head. They are great. I've even punched out berdan cases with
    11. B

      223 Lapua or Starline Brass

      Found some and I’m good to go.
    12. B

      The Barter Thread

      I am looking for: XBR 8208 berger 224-55-75gr projectiles .410 sporting shells 8-9 shot What I have to trade: 223 Projectiles: 55 gr generic bulk stuff 2kish+ 73 ELDM 700 88 ELDM 800 308 Projectiles 155 noslers 500ish 200 gr Nosler Partitions 100 165 sierras 250ish...
    13. B

      For sale 223 projectiles 55 fmj, 62 gr ss109, 53/64 gr steel core

      55 gr FMJ w/ cannelure generic-$15/100 $60/500 **SOLD** 62 gr ss109 $22/100 $90/500 ****SOLD**** 53/64 gr steel core $12/100 $50/500 Trades: 8208/clays/tite-group powders 223 varmint bullets 40-60gr 223 AR barrels 1:9 twist heavy profile Rem 700 trigger-1-1.5# capable 38/357...
    14. B

      223 Lapua or Starline Brass

      Anyone have any lying around? I have a wide variety of 9mm/308/223/6mm projectiles/primers/powder to trade or would buy outright. PM or
    15. B

      For sale Kowa TSN-1/cover/Ewing stand

      Purchased here from a member. Older 77mm Kowa in great working condition. 25x Long eye relief eyepiece and you can still purchase others online. Great spotter for the cost of lower tier unit. Comes with scope stand. Ewing 4 section aluminum stand w/ wrench and ground spike attachment. PM...
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