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    1. Bob A

      Do you carry at home?

    2. Bob A

      Pro Tip #649 - Don't Show The Tip

      Wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't forgotten my shorts. Old age ain't anything to play with.
    3. Bob A

      CCW Comfort

      I used to feel that way myself, but people complained about aircraft stuff contaminating their oil change threads. Anyway, my eyes are shot.
    4. Bob A

      2A Maryland Zoom Meeting - OC v. CC

      Yeah, sorta like MDS in microcosm.
    5. Bob A

      Pro Tip #649 - Don't Show The Tip

      My problem is that Hawaiian shirts make me look like a tourist, therefore a thug magnet.
    6. Bob A

      CCW Comfort

      Gotta take it off for the old in out.
    7. Bob A

      2A Maryland Zoom Meeting - OC v. CC

      I thought that was what I said. I don't recall any mention of bad guys going for the gun in someone's holster, though. It really doesn't matter what most people say; they're parroting what they've been told anyway. Maryland is 70% sheep; they're doing what they were trained to do. The other 30%...
    8. Bob A

      2A Maryland Zoom Meeting - OC v. CC

      I see two different threat scenarios in your post. The "shoot you first" scenario would apply in a terrorist operation, which is unlikely in the extreme to occur to anyone viewing this thread. You'd be safer wearing rubber boots to avoid lightning strikes. The second is rather more likely...
    9. Bob A

      Walther ppk/s

      The German Makarovs are vry similar to the PPK, and the 9x18Mak is a bit more potent that the 9x17 380. They can be had for 600, if you wait for the bargain. The non-C&R ones are cheaper, but not as well made.
    10. Bob A

      I've lived a comfortable couple of years

      I understand the Enigma holster system to be a good choice for wear under "comfortable" clothing like scrubs.
    11. Bob A

      Maryland already coming after us

      Bloomberg owns Everytown and the Mothers. Who pays for Brady?
    12. Bob A

      VCDL Update 9/21

      1. VA AG joins 22 others putting pressure on Big 3 credit card companies 2. VCDL Booth at Green Top Outdoor Expo needs help! 3. Video: Why "Just Giving In" is a dangerous option on amnesty registration 4. Video: Lies, Damn Lies, and Police Interrogations 5. Help needed: VCDL booth at Norfolk...
    13. Bob A

      Legality of selling an AR

      Damn autocorrect. Lenity not plenty. Cell phones sock.
    14. Bob A

      Legality of selling an AR

      The concept of lenity implies that an ambiguous law must be construed by the court to favor the defendant. The definition of dealer does not distinguish between types of licensure. Therefore it appears that ffl 03 is a dealer under that situation.
    15. Bob A

      Legality of selling an AR

      The bill itself defines the "Dealer's License" as an FFL. It does not differentiate. Read it in its entirety.
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