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    1. BlueHeeler

      MD law clarification for a new MD resident

      fake news Please delete
    2. BlueHeeler

      the edc WATCH thread

      Similar style field watch and you cannot beat the price. I have one and it is better IRL than the pic. It is quickly becoming my EDC. Plus you can dispose of explosive ordinance, if that is your thing.
    3. BlueHeeler

      Hey from DC

      Welcome from DC. :thumbsup:
    4. BlueHeeler

      Argentine 1891 Calvary Carbine

      Love that full stock. :thumbsup:
    5. BlueHeeler

      WTB single box of 9x18

      TBH the CZ82 is not a terrible carry gun with Hornady Critical Defense Ammo. I carry one occasionally. Good luck with your training. :thumbsup:
    6. BlueHeeler

      New law to make it illegal to ride dirtbikes on your property without permission.

      Anne Arundel county already has a noise ordinance specifically addressing dirtbikes. "Daytime (7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) 65 dBA - for residential receiving properties Nighttime (10 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) 55 dBA - for residential...
    7. BlueHeeler

      I Lost My .40 Gold Dots

      They are coming for your guns and ammo. :omg:
    8. BlueHeeler

      Portland guy shoots self in store

      $400 for a used Glock :thumbsup: $10 for a holster to protect the trigger :tdown: :rolleyes:
    9. BlueHeeler

      Golf Cart on Rte. 50

      Ahhh the carefree life of being young, naive, and stupid. Just noticed the passenger pulled mace at 29seconds. I guess she was concerned about her safety.
    10. BlueHeeler

      Rediscovered my love of shotguns

      Shotguns with a simple bead sight feel more like art than science. Great fun.:thumbsup:
    11. BlueHeeler

      Guns that make you go “meh”.

      My wife asks the same question. :)
    12. BlueHeeler

      Cities sue atf over 80% with everytown help

      That is how California applied their law along with a grandfather clause. Any 80% lower finished after July 1, 2018 needs to have a unique serial number engraved on the weapon which is assigned to it by the California Department of Justice through an application process...
    13. BlueHeeler

      Guns that make you go “meh”.

      Beretta 92 I love the way it looks and feels, but shooting it is always unsatisfying. :shrug:
    14. BlueHeeler

      AAPD - Chokehold Policy

      Check your privilege. ;)
    15. BlueHeeler

      ‘63 EG Mak-a-roni

      I like the simplicity of the blowback design. It is ideal Soviet utilitarian. :thumbsup:
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