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    1. Bisleyfan44

      Current gun show ammo prices?

      There are plenty of places online where shipping is free with a minimum order. Online's not worthwhile if you want 2 boxes, but is the way to go in quantity.
    2. Bisleyfan44

      DE Magazine Ban

      Doesn't it seem just a bit elitist that this prick that works FOR the citizens of the state gets to dictate the date and time the serfs and plebes have to submit their comments by? You sanctimonious .....
    3. Bisleyfan44

      9X19 MM Concealed Carry Ammunition Choices

      I shoot the 147gr HSTs in my 9s. Flawless function and decent accuracy. Standard loads, NOT +Ps.
    4. Bisleyfan44

      Yard sale haul

      It didn't feel warm to the touch did it?
    5. Bisleyfan44

      A Great Site Better Than Gunbroaker

      Yep, GI prices are definitely crack-pipe level. Been a registered buyer for years, almost as long as GB. Never found one thing that I couldn't find cheaper on GB. Same with GunsAmerica and GunAuction. But to each their own.
    6. Bisleyfan44

      .308 Deer Ammo

      Longer distance and/or bigger critter...the heavier, longer, sturdier ELD. Deer at any 308 range...the lighter, faster 150.
    7. Bisleyfan44

      Anyone buy primers recently?

      Guess what...he's still making money at that price! And if he's selling at that price and making money, every other shop can too. That or they CHOOSE to gouge you with higher prices. You don't have to let 'em.
    8. Bisleyfan44

      Straight Wall Cartridges for Deer

      The 180 Remington SJHP 357 factory load works great on deer from a 6.5" Blackhawk. Personal experience. Should do even better from a levergun. Also shot two with the 210 Remington 41 factory JSP, from a 7.5" Bisley Blackhawk. Same one side, out the other, lots of mess in the middle...
    9. Bisleyfan44

      I just bought a Glock 26 with the NY1 trigger

      Wolff trigger spring arrived Wednesday. Replaced it this morning, so much better. Back to normal. I did buy a LW 3.5# connector, but liked the 5.5# combo enough I won't bother with it. If anybody wants a NY1 Trigger spring and the LW connector, gimme a holler. Thanks for the help!
    10. Bisleyfan44

      Handgun Ammo Buffalo Bore and Underwood

      I've seen no difference in performance between the two, except in price. Underwood has always been cheaper than BB or Doubletap. And shoots just as well. I love Underwood's 45 Super ammo in my Ruger Blackhawk convertible. It is hot and effective. And really accurate. BB is good too, just don't...
    11. Bisleyfan44

      I just bought a Glock 26 with the NY1 trigger

      Thanks for the replies.. This is the box label, it's one of the older 26s in the old Tupperware box. It hasn't been shot a whole lot. This trigger is just terrible. Doc, what's the trigger like with the 3.5# connector? I've heard of doing this before, but it's been a while. Does that make it...
    12. Bisleyfan44

      Primer Notifications

      And they're gone.
    13. Bisleyfan44


      The paper will burn off. That is soft lead and highly coveted by those who cast for muzzleloaders. Thank you for saving it, somebody will definitely want that.
    14. Bisleyfan44

      Proposed repeal of Pittman Robertson Act - Thoughts?

      Doesn't some of this money go to funding and maintenance of public ranges, too?
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