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    1. a81lp

      Tippmann Arms Redline M-4 22

      Another guy with the m4-22 elite, and I dont think you can go wrong with Tippman. It ate everything I put through it and is fun to shoot.
    2. a81lp

      Tipman AR type 22

      I compared them side by side at at the LGS and the Tippman felt more solid than the 15-22. Ended up taking the Tippman home.
    3. a81lp

      Accurate Revolver

      +1 on the GP100, way more accurate then I am
    4. a81lp

      "Gun record keeping questions that have been nagging at me for a while" Revisited

      I don't see anything pre-portal, but maybe I'm missing something.
    5. a81lp

      300 BO pistol shooting Report

      I just bought one of their complete 300 black out rifles. Seems very well made, but havent had the chance to shoot it yet.
    6. a81lp

      MD Shooters RIA .45 2011

      i'd be interested as well
    7. a81lp

      No Soliciting signs in Harford Co?

      I'm in Abingdon, and have signs posted on my door.....I still have to tell someone to eff off at least once a week.
    8. a81lp

      Nice Shop

      Hope y'all made it home safe. Sorry if I kept you there any longer than you wanted to be.
    9. a81lp

      Nice Shop

      Was in there again today after work. You guys rock! Thanks again.
    10. a81lp

      Because Karma. (pw special)

      I'm in thanks
    11. a81lp

      Nice Shop

      Was in there today for the first time with a buddy of mine. He walked out with an AR. Staff was awesome,nice selection........ we'll be back
    12. a81lp


      im in for a couple
    13. a81lp

      Ruger, Savage, Marlin?

      marlin model 60's are nice too, and cheaper than the 10/22....but the correct answer is buy both
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