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      J2 Defense

      Good group of people- knowledgeable, lots of training systems including the MILO system.
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      Getting rid of hardwood trees most economically

      Im in SoMd - where you at?
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      Worth trying to get CCW

      With the permit review board now abolished - is it still worth trying to get a CCW in the lovely state of Maryland? Knowing full well the permit if issued will be full of restrictions that can not be removed?
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      Weapon Cleaning kits, solvents and Lubes

      $110 is pretty steep for a cleaning kit. As many have oreviously said - Quart of Mobil 1 (0w, 5w seems to be best) and old tee shirt or some rag, a bore snake for the caliber your using and some Hoppes bore cleaner is about all you really need. You could dress the kit up a little If you have...
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      Axis &Allies Fun Match, Saturday Sept 22

      How do I register?
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      Binary Triggers

      So - I'm confused. Do we write a letter to the ATF when they said don't contact them, asking for permission to keep an item purchased legally, that falls within ATF function as single trigger pull/release - one shot only - prior to Oct. 1?
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      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      I have rentals. I own 2. No actual "business". I've been "told" by a few instructors I have a good probability of acquiring my license but in reality - since I don't actually have a registered business - do I have a chance? Are there any pointers for those that are not a registered...
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      Hypothetical Binary Trigger - what to do

      Asking for a friend. Binary trigger installed on an AR. Oct. 1, 2018 - "friend" doesn't want to wake up a felon. What to do with the Franklin Binary Trigger? Is it your a felon if it is installed only? Or is it simple owning it - not even if it is installed - just in package - which it...
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