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      HGP Rejection

      He’s acting like they made a mistake and instead of correcting it on their end they are making him go to the review board. I write a ticket to your name and then find out it wasn’t you that I stopped I void the citation. Not send you to court to plead not guilty.
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      Residential Framer

      Pm sent.
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      Baltimore Custom Guns permanently closed

      It was a cool story. They are closed, you a a few other know that it was really bad but you are good people that won’t talk about other people because you are respectful but it was bad. Just imagine the worst.
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      crossbreed or vedder ?

      Gotcha, thank you.
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      Carry setup photo thread

      43X with a TLR-6 in a Blackpoint holster and a Beltman belt.
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      crossbreed or vedder ?

      Would you mind giving a little more detail on this?
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      Handgun Ammo Buffalo Bore and Underwood

      Haven’t used underwood but Buffalo bore exceeded their speed claims for me and were able to consistently hit an 8”plate at 100 yards with me shooting.
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      Shelf Weight Loading

      Aside from the top, you will run out of room before you weight can cause you problems, at least with ammo. Gold bricks may cause you a problem.
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      Looking for Camper Storage

      Pm sent. Just moved mine out of Chase because I moved to PA.
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      In this American town, guns are required by law

      Well that’s a criminal justice problem. Our Constitution was written when we hanged thieves, not let murderers and rapists out after a few years.
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      Aimpoint ACO vs PRO

      Edit: my first double post.
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      Aimpoint ACO vs PRO

      For what it’s worth, I have a comp m4 and two micros and the comp m4 and the one micro failed. If you use aimpoint for competition or duty the warranty is only 2 years and is non transferable. I have switched to vortex for everything including my duty rifle due to warranty, and more importantly...
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      Firing Machine Guns on Private Property in Baltimore County 17-2-101 D2
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      CZ Shadow 2 is absolutely amazing

      Just one point I have to make. That is a Shadow 2 Orange which has a 1911 style barrel bushing, a hand fit slide and a trigger job. The standard Shadow 2 is an awesome pistol but the one in your picture takes it up a notch.
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      Retired police officer kills fellow movie-goer over texting dispute

      Talk about victim blaming. All that was needed for the dead guy to not be was to not attack an old man. He owns all of the responsibility here. The dead guy could have left, moved seats, stayed in his seat and not chuck a cell phone, steal the old guys popcorn and throw it at him.
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