For trade Specialty 5.56 ammo (77 grain) to trade for 5.56 M193 55 grain FMJ


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    The below ammo (no reman) is for trade for any new (no reman), brass cased (only) 5.56 M193 55 grain FMJ rounds. Prefer to trade all of one ammo type to one individual. 1:2 trade value.

    60 rds (3 bxes) of T556TNB1 - trade for 120 rds of 55 grain

    140 rounds (7 boxes) of IMI 77 grain HPBT - trade for 280 rds of 55 grain

    100 rounds (2 boxes) of MK262 (basically the same as the IMI 77 grain HPBT) - trade for 200 rds of 55 grain

    100 rounds (2 boxes) of 5.56 77 grain TMK - trade for 200 round of 55 grain

    Pickup in Towson/Whitemarsh area.
    Thanks for the consideration.

    Latest questions

    Where are you finding 55 gr 5.56 for .35/round?
    have you happened to have checked recently what the current price of the IMI 77 grain ammo is? My suggested trade prices are based on actual purchase price in "normal" times. I was buying the 77 grain for around $0.75/rd and you know that 1000 lots of 5.56 were commonly purchased at or close to $0.30-35/rd pre-pandemic. It really comes down to what trade price you want to use - the current inflated one or the historical one? Either way you have to adjust the trade amount of each ammo type appropriately and it still works out the same. I hope this makes sense.
    Post pandemic I haven’t seen 55 gr M193 5.56 brass case for less than $0.45/round at the best prices out there. Currently its $0.50+/round. I would be interested in the ammo you have but not at the listed ratios.

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