For sale ****PENDING *** SDS Radikal SAX2 ( M4 clone Semi-auto Shotgun)


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    I have a lightly used ONE owner M4 Turknelli imported by SDS. Bought this in November to see what a M4 (clone) was all about. It is well made, finish is even throughout. No sharp edge or tool marks that I could see although I didn't inspect every inch, so.... The only imperfection I saw is the front sight post guard (right side) is slightly off by about 1-2 degree. 5+1 capacity, 18" barrel, pistol grip stock. It will come with two different chokes.

    Anyway, only had about 30 Slugs through since my range only allows Slugs. It didn't like low recoil (< 1200) - would fire but failed to eject, but when I switched back to Breneke KO slugs (1600 +) it had no issue with feeding, firing, ejecting. I believe it needs more break in for proper functionality.

    Only reason I want to sell/ trade is because it's simply just a heavy shotgun, especially for HD. And breaking in with hot/ heavy slugs is not fun. I prefer to stick with my 590a1/ Mav 88 or even 1301 Tactical. This is probably perfect for those who want to see what M4 shotgun is all about but doesn't want to spend $2k to find out. Atlantic firearms also sells this model currently.

    $300 cash. Trade (value $400 +/- 50) : (Ruger SR22lr) or other pistols in 9mm, 45acp. I will also accept Glock in 40 caliber- G35? An inexpensive SDS 1911a1 is also an ideal trade. Or a case of .40 cal factory loaded ammo. Don't really want to add any cash to trade deal though
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