For sale Crankshafts

Chrysler 318
$40.00 to $1,040.00

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    Chrysler 318
    I have Two (2) Chrysler 318 crankshafts. One was recently checked at a machine shop (Heard Precision, Callaway MD) and I was told it would clean up and be perfectly good to use with a light polish or if you want it flawless it could go 10/10 under . The second one has been sitting around for awhile, I dont recall if it is standard/standard still or already 10/10 under. It is rougher but still what I would consider a usable core if you need one.

    I have a little cash invested into the first crankshaft as it was intended for a build that got cancelled once it was determined the engine block was already .030 O/S and .040 O/S was probably not going to save it. The second crankshaft has been sitting standing up in the corner of the shed. The journals are hazy and not bright polished anymore.

    These were both from automatic transmission vehicles.

    I would like $40 for the nice one and $10 for the less nice one. If rockauto is correct these are the same for 1976-2003. I am in Mechanicsville, send me a PM. I am also open to trades for Chrysler 2.2 Cylinder heads (782 casting #).
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    Are these steel or cast?

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