For sale Arsenal SLR-106FR

Arsenal Bulgaria AK in 5.56x45mm with a ton of extras. My favorite gun that I own. For sale or trade.

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    This ad has been closed. Reason: Selling scope and removing some items from the listing. Will relist later.


    Arsenal Bulgaria AK in 5.56x45mm with a ton of extras. My favorite gun that I own. For sale or trade.
    EDIT: Willing to sell at about 2500 without the optic.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm moving on to other projects and as much as I hate to do it, I think I'm going to have to part ways with this. It's definitely my favorite gun but I don't shoot it and I know other people would enjoy it much more.

    This is an SLR-106F with a side rail and side folding stock. It takes 5.56x45mm NATO and .223 Remington. It has reliably run about 350 rounds for me through Polish Beryl and Bulgarian (10) mags.

    From what I can tell, I don't see any issues with this rifle. I haven't had a malfunction (although I haven't really shot it much.) The sights don't appear to be canted at all and the stock locks up well enough. It could do with having a KNS installed but it isn't anywhere near as over gassed as the Saigas I've shot.

    As for what is included:
    - The rifle.
    - A very rare Russian Obzor 1P63 "red dot" sight (fiber optic and tritium) with accessories.
    - Russian AK-74 laminate handguards.
    - Russian AKS-74 triangle folding stock.
    - Russian GP-25 recoil pad with leather retaining strap.
    - Russian sling.
    - Polish "fat" bakelite grip.
    - Original cleaning kit (in the stock.)
    - Original literature.
    - Original Arsenal AK-74M style US furniture.
    - Original Arsenal AK-74M style US muzzle break.
    - Original Arsenal Bulgaria parade sling.
    - Original extra accessories (oil bottle, charging handle plug, etc.)
    - Arsenal thread protector.
    - 4 Arsenal Bulgaria circle 10 black magazines.
    - 4 Polish Beryl green "translucent" magazines, 2 painted black and 2 painted orange.
    - 2 rare Beryl factory "plum" magazines.
    - 2 rare Beryl factory black magazines.
    - 5 or 10 round Arsenal magazine.
    - Coyote gun bag (fits it when the stock is folded.)

    The price is with everything included. Sure, the base rifle might only sell for 2500 or so on gun broker- but that's before tax and transfer fees. I don't collect tax. That and all of the accessories here are worth quite a bit of money, especially the scope which has been unobtanium since the war in Ukraine started. I decided to go with the 106 instead of the 104 because of all of the issues with 5.45. Recently there have been even more problems with 5.45 because of Ukraine, so I'm happy I made the decision to buy a gun with a cheap supply of domestically produced ammo. For a short time it was configured as an AKS-74 look-alike, hence the wood handguards, triangle folder, and bakelite grip.

    I'm interested in a Polish Beryl 7.62x39 if anyone has one. That and cash difference.

    Magazines must be transferred out of state. We can meet in the middle for an FFL. Feel free to send me offers! Worst case I just say no. I won't be offended. Thanks for looking.
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    Latest questions

    Becoming confused on the new format.
    I an on a limited income so I will have to pass. I only have $2 available.
    The wood 74 was purchased during a time when it was treated just as a pistol so I had to wait several days to receive it. Today, I have to send it out of state for sale.
    The other is an Arsenal 74. I love shooting open sights but the optic on yours seem enticing.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Willing to sell the beryl mags separately?
    Guess I'll see if I get any nibbles then get back to you. I'll just have to think about it because if I don't sell the rifle then I think I'd like to keep everything with it... at least for now.

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