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August 30th, 2010, 01:12 PM

Police and Correctional Training Commissions
Firearms Instructor
Maryland State Agency Job Announcement
Administrative Officer III

Hourly pay rate: $18.50 – There are TWO part-time contractual positions available. The specific
number of hours per week will be determined during the course of the selection process. These
positions do not include benefits.

Closing date: September 20, 2010

Main job function:

This is an experienced-level instructor position. The selected candidate will teach basic entrance-level weapon classes – firearms instructor schools, conversion schools, special weapons schools and other special programs by request. He/she will also: serve as the principle contact for individual schools and be responsible for administrative matters and the coordination of programs; coordinate training programs with program managers within the agency and with other law enforcement agencies; develop instructional course content, programs and curriculum; and evaluate students to determine additional/remedial training or other requirements. He or she may also participate in research programs/projects related to the determining training needs assessments in specific areas.

Work location: At the Police and Correctional Training Commissions’ Driver
Training Facility in Sykesville, Maryland
Minimum qualifications:


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university. Applicants may
substitute four years of professional/administrative experience for the required college degree.


Four years of experience in a professional criminal justice context (as a law enforcement
officer or other criminal justice-related officer/professional).
Selective qualifications: Two years or its equivalent of the experience described above must involve
delivering training or instruction to criminal justice professionals in classroom and firing range settings.
This experience may be a part of a candidate’s overall law enforcement experience. Applicants must,
therefore, be detailed in describing the specific nature and amount of their qualifying
training/instructional work experience.
Preferred qualifications/credentials:
Demonstrable proficiency in writing as well as presentation and communication skills.
Preference may be given to qualified applicants with current instructor certifications.


Send an e-mail with a letter of interest and EITHER a State of MD application (MS-100 form) or a résumé to: employment@pctc.state.md.us
MS100s are available at: www.dbm.maryland.gov
Submissions may be sent via the U.S. mail to: PCTC • 6852 Fourth Street • Sykesville, MD 21784 (attention: Personnel Officer). Please note that e-mailed submissions are preferred.
All submissions must be received by Monday, September 20, 2010. Postmarks will not be honored. Please call us at 410-875-3567 with any questions. For information about the Police and Correctional Training Commissions, please visit us at: http://www.dpscs.state.md.us/aboutdpscs/pct/drive.shtml

August 30th, 2010, 04:28 PM
Nice position, too far away. :envy:

August 31st, 2010, 01:46 PM
Nice position. Just turn that 1 into a 3 and add some bennies.

September 4th, 2010, 04:27 PM
They must be doing some good drugs in Sykesville. They expect to find a qualified college educated firearms instructor to work for 18 bucks an hour with no benefits?

September 4th, 2010, 04:39 PM
They must be doing some good drugs in Sykesville. They expect to find a qualified college educated firearms instructor to work for 18 bucks an hour with no benefits?

and its only part time:innocent0

September 6th, 2010, 09:06 AM
Good job for a retired cop who already has the benefits and likes to shoot a little. That job will turn into full time with benefits once the State economy turns around (when O'Malley is given the boot).

September 6th, 2010, 06:42 PM
Retired, and in need of bennies or not, 18 bucks an hour is crap pay for a good firearms instructor. There are too many federal options in this area for any kind of decent firearms instructor to work for that kind of money.