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Tom Perroni
August 12th, 2010, 08:44 PM
Firearms Instructor Development Course (14E)

Virginia DCJS Private Security Instructor & Maryland State Police Handgun Instructor

Scheduled date: October 11-15, 2010

Instructor: Tom Perroni

Location: Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy in Fredericksburg, Va.

Course Description:

Entry-Level training provided by CCJA which makes an individual eligible to be certified as a Firearms Instructor. Completion of DCJS Approved General Instructor Development Course is not required for attendance however it is mandatory for DCJS certification.

Cost: $500.00 per student + ammo

The Firearms Instructor Development Course is an intensive 44-hour course conducted over the course of five (5) days. Classes will be conducted from approximately 8:00am to 6:00pm. This course unfolds from Monday through Friday, plus one late night to accommodate low/reduced/no light shooting. Students must demonstrate teaching and shooting proficiency and pass a written exam.

The goal of CCJA is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, cost effective and comprehensive law enforcement & private security firearms instructor training available. Our program exposes each student to a broad base of techniques, tactics, skills, fundamentals and teaching methodologies, and technical knowledge in order to develop the skill required to effectively perform the role as a firearms instructor at the agency and/or academy or PSS school level. Student instructors will be required to fire and qualify with both a semi-automatic and revolver and achieve a score of at least 255 points (85%) with each firearm. Students will also be required to fire and qualify with a police style 12ga shotgun.

Required Equipment

The following equipment is REQUIRED and must be provided by the student

Duty Handgun Semi-auto and revolver are required.

Magazines or Speed-loader - Bring a minimum of 4 magazines, (5 if the magazine capacity is less than 10). Bring a minimum of 5 speed loaders.

Holster, Belt, and Ammunition Carrier Pouches - The holster must be strong-side directional draw, equipped with a handgun retention device and securely fastened to the gun belt. Speedloader and/or magazine pouches must also be equipped with a retention device.

Eye Protection, Ear Protection, and Baseball Style Cap - Safety glasses must be of the wrap around type or employ side panels. If wearing prescription glasses, they must be covered with safety glasses unless they meet the above requirements. Ear plugs or ear muffs (preferred), and a baseball cap with bill to deflect ejected brass must also be worn. NOTE: Students will NOT be allowed on the range without wraparound or side-panel safety glasses.

Appropriate Clothing - Students should bring appropriate clothing to participate in the range exercises consistent with prevailing weather conditions. Range exercises will be conducted in inclement weather unless a safety hazard exists. NOTE: Shorts are NOT appropriate law enforcement range clothing.

Duty Flashlight - Law enforcement, hand-held, duty-type flashlight capable of one-handed operation.

Note-Taking Material - Pen, pencil, and paper to take notes with in the classroom and on the range.

A jumbo permanent marker for use on the range.

Cleaning Equipment - Appropriate cleaning equipment for the firearm being utilized at the school. NOTE: There is no time allotted during the school for the cleaning of firearms. Students will be expected to perform cleaning of their respective firearms on their own time.

Knee and Elbow Pads - Knee and elbow pads are optional for kneeling and prone position shooting.

12 gauge pump or semi-auto police shotgun equipped with a sling.

900 rounds of duty or training handgun ammunition.
50 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge slugs.
20 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge 00 buckshot.
100 rounds of birdshot.

To register for the course or for more information contact:

Tom Perroni Training Director / Lead Instructor

(540) 322-3000 office or e-mail ccjatraining@gmail.com

Web-site: www.ccjatraining.com