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July 20th, 2010, 05:41 PM
This class has been beat up pretty good by Glock45 (he doesn’t sleep, he waits), but I’ll interject a few comments from my perspective as former military and a perpetual student of the trade.


The usual suspects:

Tom lead the class smoothly, kept everybody on task, and knew how hard to push everyone.

Mark watched the line and kept his eyeballs dialed into our weapon manipulation errors.

Pete provided motivational quips and scared many of us by smiling before doing something.

New to most of us:

Nate, the paramedic, gave a quick block of instruction on basic buddy aid at operator level (CAT tourniquet and emergency bandage) and went over current trends in combat medicine. He answered all my questions thoroughly. I’d received a lot of different opinions on this topic from various entities and some of it conflicts. Nate backed up his reasoning really well, though.

Jim is real a SME with the optics and was a veritable font of knowledge regarding how to use them in a tactical environment. He wasn’t selling anything when he was talking pros and cons. I’d used with the toys he brought before quite a bit in garrison, Iraq and Afghanistan and still learned plenty. If he’d been teaching at Bragg, I think I might have actually pulled some of this whiz-bang Star Wars stuff out of the bag more often. This only bolsters the argument that if you’re military or a contractor and you’re not spending your own money to get outside training from as many sources as possible, you’re missing out on the kinds of things that’ll save your life.

Overall, the enthusiasm and patience of the Tom and his cadre is nothing but professional. They don’t finger drill anything and they’ll make sure you, as an individual student, understand the techniques and get them right before you leave the range that day. I like that in a school. Nothing is more disheartening than attending a school that allows those who aren’t doing as well to continue to do such because there are other students who seem to pick things up instantly. The experience level in the class varied and I saw Tom’s cadre getting people right.

I cannot stress enough how diverse and complete the training is at CCJA. You won't see training this good outside the military (and in some cases it has proven to be far superior). I’ve attended other tactical schools that push IDPA moves (great until somebody is shooting back at you) or cheat you out the kind of things you pay $200 to do (did you really pay to attend a tactical carbine course to do NRA aggregates?). You’d be hard up to get more dynamic, practical training for your dollar than at CCJA. I challenge you to find another school that has such a professional classroom setup, a nice range facility (steel targets, gravel, connex box, covered tables, 500+ yards to work), a tight student/instructor ratio (almost always 3/1), and the kind of operator-applicable lesson plans that provide both the endless repetition and blunt force trauma that a student needs to master the use-it-or-lose-it fundamentals while challenging themselves in new situations. You don't have a bust a thousands rounds at these classes to feel like you've accomplished something.

The only thing I was disappointed in was that we didn’t get to do team movement / communication drills (bounding, peeling) but I figure this was due to the fact that half the class would have been man-down in the balls-laminated-to-leg heat w/ humidity. If you were there and weren't pissing clear every fifteen minutes, check yourself.

Thanks again, Tom. I’ll be hitting your school up again real soon.

July 20th, 2010, 10:11 PM
StrikeFace, it was good to shoot with you agian! Even if you did bring,

HEAVYYYYYYYY BARREEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! (I am dating myself here)


Tell Kchen he missed a good one but I do respect his decision.

This class has been beat up pretty good by Glock45 (he doesn’t sleep, he waits)...

Weeeelllll, I would not call it waiting... HA! :lol:

Les Gawlik
July 20th, 2010, 10:51 PM
Yeah. I agree. It's hard to write an AAR about CCJA courses without sounding like a commercial. The courses and the people are really *that* good. Tom's courses are half to one-third the cost of similar courses. He's gotten some really good deals for lodging, or if you're so inclined, it's about a two-hour drive.

I was a little worried before the first one that because of our inexperience, we would have trouble and/or not enjoy ourselves. I doubt anyone reading this has any less shooting experience than I did when I first went to CCJA. Tom and his crew have been great.

July 20th, 2010, 11:48 PM
(I am dating myself here)

Hardly. Throw in some Bad Dudes and we're set.