View Full Version : DynCorp International Afghan Operation Warning

Tom Perroni
March 10th, 2010, 08:09 PM
DynCorp International Afghan Operation Warning

We have become aware of an internet scam using the DynCorp International name, and pretending to offer employment placement with “DynCorp International Afghan Operation” in return for payment to a recruiter. This scam may also involve a request for personal data in connection to a visa application for Afghanistan. The false recruiter contact may use an e-mail of dynrecruiting@dynafghan.com, although other e-mail addresses or organization names may be used as well. Please do not send any money or any personal information to this organization or e-mail address, or to any other request for money to secure employment with DynCorp International or any of its subsidiaries.

DynCorp International has absolutely no connection with this internet scam. No legitimate recruitment effort by DynCorp International will ever include a request for payment from job applicants. Any attempts to request such payments should be reported to DynCorp International, to corporate.security@dyn-intl.com.