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  20. NRA Basic Pistol at Bass Pro
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  23. Utah CCW Course: This Ain't No APRIL FOOLS!!
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  38. 5.11 Tactial Series Holster Shirt
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  41. Utah CCW Class at Baltimore County Game & Fish
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  43. Utah Concealed Carry Course at Baltimore County Game and Fish
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  45. Civilian Pepper Spray Course
  46. Utah Concealed Carry in Western Maryland: Grantsville
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  56. Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home
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  63. Utah CFP Course: Freestate Gun Range
  64. Utah CFP Course: AGC New Date!!
  65. Utah CFP Course: Free State Gun Range
  66. Utah CFP Course: Baltimore Co. Game and Fish
  67. Bass Pro Shops: Set You Sights Weekend
  68. Utah CFP Course: Bass Pro Shops
  69. Personal Protection Outside the Home Course
  70. Crossbreed Holsters Pocket Rocket
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  72. Utah CFP Class: Stained Glass Pub Elkridge
  73. NEW Utah CFP Class: FreeState Gun Range
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  81. Home Defense Center by Sentry: Storage Solution
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