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Who's reloading 12 ga 00 buckshot ?

I've just cast up a bunch of 00 buckshot with my Lee mold. anyone have any load data for WAA hulls using a 9 pellet 00 load. My interweb skills are failing me. I would like to use herco powder but could change that if needed.
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When I first got to searching this stuff everything I found said "treat it like shot of the same weight." Same went for slugs. But that's just the internet talking.
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I've been using data from here and I've been pretty happy with the result using AA hulls and a 9 pellet 00
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A single 00 pellet should be around 60 grain, so 9 pellet load equals an 1 1/4 ounce load.

Depending on what wad you will be using, loads are a little bit different. Try this page here


For your herco powder recepies, scroll down a little bit, hit 12ga recepies and enter your hull and wad.
You may want to consider using a little bit sawdust or similar if you want to buffer the shot.

Feel free to ask me on anyting concerning the Baltimore Rifle Club and how to get your AGC badge.
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All I've ever used has been HS-6, use Paul's link if you want to try that.
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