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Hawes Western Six Shooter

Hi all,

My mother-in-laws' boyfriend let me borrow this to try out at the range. I'm thinking about purchasing it, depending on how it shoots.

Its a Hawes Firearms Western Six Shooter .22 mag / .22 LR. It has two different cylinders, one for each caliber.

The bluing is faded on the barrel and down the ejector rod casing, mostly from holster wear. The action is extremely smooth, and the hammer snaps if you think the word "squeeze" hard enough (ie extremely sensitive trigger).

Seems like a nicely built gun, very solid, but the one grip is broken (plastic) by having the bottom front corner broken off.

I have no idea what its worth, or how it shoots. Would it be prudent to take to a gunsmith first before range-testing it? I'm leaning towards this....

Anyway, on to the good stuff: pics!

Its a pretty neat little gun, and i'm looking forward to seeing how it shoots.


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It should be safe but I would have it checked out out of an abundance of caution. You may want to check the bluebook value on that before you talk about buying.

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I would but just for the fun facter .
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Hawes revolvers are inexpensive but functional firearms. I think they were on par with the Lorcins of the semi-auto world. Built heavy out of weaker metal yet still functional. Without any external sgns of distress I would shoot the thing seeing how it is only a .22.

I wouldn't give over $150ish for this revolver.

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Looks like it needs a good cleaning.


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