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Kel-Tec SUB-2000 aftermarket stock options...

Posting here because I'm too lazy to register on KTOG.

Is it possible to fit an aftermarket stock to a K-T Sub2K?

Throwing around a few ideas with a friend. I was wondering how close the dimensions of the stock...stock are with that of, say, an MOE stock.

How is the factory stock retained? Rivets?

I've googled the heck out of this subject, but haven't found any results.

I know this one's a little off-the-wall, but any Sub2K owners who can chime in with input, TIA.
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Alright, here's the scoop.

The stock on the Sub-2000 is removable. It also acts as the end of the buffer tube, so if you take it off, you will get access to the recoil spring and the bolt. This is in contrast to the AR-15's tube, which is capped off at the end - the stock just rides it. As a result, the Sub-2000 stock is kept on by a retaining pin that goes straight through the buffer tube - yanking the pin removes part of the back of the stock, which gives access to the buffer tube and lets you pull off the rest of the stock.

The buffer tube has a smaller diameter than an AR-15 tube, so you can get an AR-15 stock to fit on if:
1. You can make a spacer (black PVC pipe 1/8" think)
2. You can drill the appropriate cross-axis hole.
3. You don't mind losing the locking functionality for folding.
4. You don't mind a huge LOP (the charging handle is in the buffer tube and runs pretty far back).

KTOG thread of interest:

Personal opinion? No way it's worth it, except as a lol-worthy science fair project for the internets. The stock that comes with it works fine for the gun.

(This reminds me that my retaining pin is in backwards, and that I need to spend some time hammering it out - or send the gun back to KT for them to fix. *sigh*)
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Removing the OEM stock will lose one of the big reasons people buy it, which is it folds. What issue are you having with the current stock? If LOP is too short, they make a recoil pad for it that has a slot for the front sight, it adds about 1" to the LOP.

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I don't own one. I was looking in to ways to de-uglify it if I ever purchased one as a project gun. But if it works, it works...

Thanks to Erwos for...pretty much the exact information I wanted, and the link.
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Red Lion Precision should make a few aluminum or composite replacement stock that can retain stock functionality and an adjustable rear sight (a half inch taller than the stock sight) because they would sell like hotcakes.
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