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CCW Topic?

Is there a need for a new topic, maybe under "Topics of Interest" section for discussing CCW? Like what holsters, practices, how to handle encounters, etc?

I have a question that doesn't really relate to national or MD laws, nor specific handgun or "recreational" shooting. Thoughts?

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Considering Shall Issue is on the table and around the corner, this would probably be a good forum Subcategory to have.
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I could see use for a "Home and Personal Protection" sort of thing... Wrap them all up into a single topic.

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I would be interested in a CCW forum, especially since I have no idea how to do it. I recently lost a lot of weight and need to buy new clothes. I figured I'd try to get some clothes to CCW with, but hell if I know how to do so, especially since I only have a FS M&P, and don't yet have the compact or single stack Shield.
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