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Praise for Corrosive Ammo

Last week I put about 150 rounds of 1952 Hungarian yellow tip ammo that I pulled off a machine gun belt through my M39. The accuracy was excellent, and there was not a single misfire. If this is how unsealed 60 year old ammunition works then that sealed stuff in the spam cans is going to work well for a long, long time.
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From what I read, it was the potassium chlorate oxidizer in the primers that made the ammo a) corrosive and b) immortal. So burn up the non-corrosive stuff, and keep some of the corrosive around for your old age. Or for your grand-children.
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It works for me. The oldest I've shot was from around 1960. Worked as well as ammo made this year.

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Today at cresap I shot about 25 rounds of yugo 8mm that was dated 1951 every single round worked (:

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That is what makes corrosive ammo great in that the components already mentioned above help to keep the ammo fine for decades in long term storage without the fear of getting a dud or a primer losing its shelf life.
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I bought a couple bandoliers of surplus .303 British a couple years ago. Some of the rounds had 1917 stamped on them and they shot great. I saved about 20 of them. Don't know if I'll ever shoot them.

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Someone may give me grief for shooting "collectable ammo", but I sent 29 rounds of 1936 German s. S. 7.92 down range this weekend in my "G" date Mauser. I had wanted to send 30 rounds, but 1 was a dud.

Not bad for 76 year old ammo.

EDIT: I saved the brass and the boxes. I may put some up for sale in the future.


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