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Antique long gun appraisal in MD?

My father has an old .410 shotgun and an old .22 and he would like to know what they are worth. Are there any good places in MD to take them and have them appraised?
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If you can post pictures here, there are plenty of knowledgeable folks who can give you some sort of value.
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If you do go to a show, just beware of people trying to buy them from you.

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duffys on falls rd has a educated appraiser, but unless you are interested in selling or trading them in the appraisal isn't free
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He is interested in selling them, but interest only results in a sale if the deal is good enough for him. If the guy's offer is too low and my dad doesn't want to sell, does he get charged for the appraisal at that point?
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I would do a few gunbroker searches first, that is a good indication of high market price. Gunbroker has a good "past sales" feature too.

A good cheap first step and better than shelling out dollars for an appraiser until you know you have something worth appraising!
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I've used these guys in the past. Reasonable fees. Gun shop is downstairs.

Potomac Trading Antique Guns and Lionel Trains
3608 University Boulevard (West), Kensington, Maryland 20895-2120
301-949-5656 or 301-949-4000

As they said, I would search gunbroker or gunsamerica for a price range before paying for an appraisal, although an appraisal is useful for insurance purposes.
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What are they? What markings are on them. Post up some info and we can give you an idea of what to expect and where to go.

FYI - most dealers are only going to give you a midrange percentage of their retail value. They have to make a living you know.

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I'm guessing there are a few guys on here that will give you as good an appraisal as you could get paying someone else to do.

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info in the guns would be helpful as well as photos.

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